About me

Full Stack Developer / Software Engineer

Work life philosophy

What I do for a living

I am a Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer in Sydney, Australia. After spending 19 fruitful and experience rich years living and working in Germany, mostly in Frankfurt am Main, I decided towards the end of 2021 to return home.

Frankfurt, January 2020
Frankfurt am Main in January

For the last several years I have been working freelance, mostly developing web apps, but also producing and delivering technical training, often with a signficant inter-cultural component.

My current employment résumé.

Professional origins

My original academic study in politics, language and production of history literature triggered an interest in applying innovative new technologies and concepts to present research outcomes for consumption. I soon discovered a talent for programming and rapidly my passion for structural and functional systems development evolved in tandem with technological advancement and new media trends and information needs.

Tech experience

From the wealth of experience I have gained working in both large and small organisations in Australia and from 2002 to 2021 in Germany and the UK, I recently started curating a bank of programming knowledge and information with some howtos and tutorials in a techblog which can be accessed here.

My process

This framework broadly guides my work production process

  • Clear communication at all stages with regular feedback and check-ins
  • Effective teamwork
  • At the outset clear and concise documentation of the agreed requirements
  • Research and information gathering prior to commencement
  • Agreement on a concept and strategy with diagrammatic documentation of scenarios, data flows, and other infographic material
  • Wireframes and availability of prototypes at the earliest possible stages
  • Continuous documentation during software development
  • Strategy for support, bugfixes and training
  • Testing and bug fixing phase(s)
  • Product release and evaluation

End goal: achieving elegance

Style and efficient elegance, both in the outward appearance as well as the internal workings of an application, has always been my central guiding principle.